Tennessee Williams &
Regie David Bösch , /
Bühne Patrick Bannwart , /
Kostüme Falko Herold , /
Video Patrick Bannwart , / Video Falko Herold , /
Musik Bernhard Moshammer , /
Licht Michael Hofer , /
Dramaturgie Florian Hirsch , /
Amanda Wingfield, die Mutter Regina Fritsch , /
Laura Wingfield, ihre Tochter Sarah Viktoria Frick , /
Tom Wingfield, ihr Sohn Merlin Sandmeyer , /
Jim O'Connor, ein netter junger Mann Martin Vischer , /
Duration 135 minutes, no intermission
Szenenfoto Die Glasmenagerie

While Amanda dreams about her youth as a Southern belle and longs for an admirer for her physically disabled daughter, her son Tom, a would-be writer, provides for the family by working in a warehouse.

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