John Gabriel Borkman

Simon Stone nach Henrik Ibsen &
Koproduktion mit den Wiener Festwochen und dem Theater Basel
Licht Friedrich Rom , ,
Dramaturgie Klaus Missbach , ,
Regie Simon Stone , ,
Bühne Katrin Brack , ,
Kostüme Tabea Braun , ,
Musik Bernhard Moshammer , ,
Fanny Wilton Nicola Kirsch , ,
Wilhelm Foldal Roland Koch , ,
Frida Foldal, seine Tochter Liliane Amuat , ,
John Gabriel Borkman Martin Wuttke , ,
Gunhild Borkman, seine Frau Birgit Minichmayr , ,
Erhart Borkman, ihr Sohn Max Rothbart , ,
Ella Rentheim, Gunhilds Zwillingsschwester Caroline Peters , ,
Duration 120 minutes, no intermission
Szenenfoto John Gabriel Borkman, Birgit Minichmayr, Martin Wuttke

John Gabriel Borkman has barricaded himself in the attic of his house. He needs to gain an understanding of what is left of his financial empire. After the banker’s spectacular rise came the fall and, with it, an eight-year sentence for committing ruthless fraud. He is ruined, his reputation in tatters and his family  completely alienated. His son is the only person who would be able to restore his reputation.

Simon Stone’s interpretation of Ibsen’s drama explores the fault lines of current deficiencies in the canon of values in bourgeois Europe in the wake of the continent’s greatest financial disaster.

Trailer: John Gabriel Borkmann
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