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Thomas und Tryggve

Tove Appelgren | Aus dem Schwedischen von REGINE ELSÄSSER
Szenenfoto Thomas und Tryggve
© Paul Bauer

Thomas and Tryggve are two friends who, at first glance, could not be more different: Tryggve knows everything there is to know about space, and he gets teased about the tights he gets from his overly protective mother; Thomas, on the other hand, wins a trophy for being the fastest and strongest boy in his entire school, yet his dad isn’t interested in him, and he is often home alone in the evenings. Together, Thomas and Tryggve experience the excitement of the first day of school and first love, as well as those days when they’d rather skip school and their friendship is put to the test.

MOBIL: BURGTHEATERSTUDIO is coming to the districts. THOMAS UND TRYGGVE is a mobile production that can be booked by collaborative schools and institutions.

  • Thomas
    Enrico Riethmüller,
  • Tryggve
    Anton Widauer,
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