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Über Nacht

Lucien Haug

“Everyone always acts like you just need to work hard and you can get everything you want … Dream Big. Pff. Were my parents’ dreams just not big enough then, or what? And what about my grandparents?”

Sixteen-year-old Sam isn’t interested in finishing high school. She would rather complete an apprenticeship so she can support her mother and younger brother as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to make a speech at her graduation, least of all on a stupid topic like “Dream Big”. She’s not sure about what her actual dreams are – and she doesn’t even want to know, because her dreams are stubborn and tend to get in her way over and over again: the people and things Sam touches in her dreams become reality when she wakes up. Sam dreams about getting only bad grades, to save her the effort of thinking about her future. She dreams about her father, who deserted the family. She dreams about Ezra, her crush, but also about a beautiful classmate called Sex Dream. She dreams about speeches she could make, where she could finally say what she thinks, and about a chaotic jumble of balloons and bunting.

ÜBER NACHT by Lucien Haug is a warm-hearted, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek play whose main character glibly calls the entire world into question, in spite of her own insecurities. Following its world premiere at the junges theater basel, the play will celebrate its Austrian premiere at the Vestibül.

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    Coco Brell ,
    Mara Romei ,
    Simon Schofeld ,
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