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Am Ende Licht

Simon Stephens Deutsch von BARBARA CHRIST
Marie-Luise Stockinger, Bardo Böhlefeld, Philipp Hauß, Norman Hacker, Max Gindorff, Maresi Riegner
© susanne hassler-smith

A woman in a supermarket drops dead in front of the spirit shelf. At that very moment, Bernd, her husband, is meeting up with two women for casual sex in a hotel. One of their daughters, Jess, wakes up next to a stranger after a night spent together. The other daughter, Ashe, is a single mother who finally cuts all ties with her ex-boyfriend, a drug addict, after an argument. And Steven, the youngest sibling, reunites with his lover – a reunion that is overshadowed by his relationship angst.

In his latest play, British playwright Simon Stephens skilfully interweaves these individual storylines and paints a both inscrutable and optimistic portrait of a family between goodbyes and new beginnings.
The play is directed by Lilja Rupprecht, who has worked in Berlin, Hanover and Cologne, among other places. LIGHT FALLS is her first production at the Burgtheater.

Beschreibung Information
Dauer und Pausen 2 Stunden 15 Minuten - keine Pause
Sitzplan A
Abo / Zyklus Abo 3
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Songs from the North für AM ENDE LICHT

#3: Der britische Dramatiker Simon Stephens teilt seine Playlist.
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