Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter

Sibylle Berg &
Ab 8, Schulvorstellung (Karten über
Regie und Bühne Richard Panzenböck , ,
Kostüme Nina Holzapfel , ,
Puppenbau Bettina Franz , , Puppenbau Richard Panzenböck , ,
Musik Andreas Radovan , ,
Licht Enrico Zych , ,
Dramaturgie Maike Müller , ,
Lisa Pia Zimmermann , ,
Universalmensch Ludwig Wendelin Weißenberger , ,
65 minutes no breaks
Vestibül & Mobil
Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter

What a strange blue planet this is, Klakalnamanazdt thinks to himself. He missed his spaceship home and is now stranded on Earth. But Klakalnamanazdt is lucky. He meets eight-year-old Lisa, who calls him Walter and takes him home with her. But Walter doesn’t like what he sees: Since losing their jobs, Lisa’s parents no longer talk, and there is also no shortage of maliciousness at Lisa’s school. This can’t go on, Walter thinks to himself, and vows to stay as long as it takes to help Lisa find a way to cope with all these challenges. In her first play for children, Nestroy Prize winner Sibylle Berg tells the story of an interplanetary friendship and small shifts in perspective that make the unbearable bearable.

11. Oct, Mon
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