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FAQ Programme

Here you will find frequently asked questions about our programme – and their answers.

Performances take place at the Burgtheater from September to June.
We put together our programme every month and announce it at the beginning of the previous month.

You can find the programme on It is also available as a monthly leaflet, which you can find at all of our venues. If you would like us to mail you our programme free of charge, please write to out Visitor Information Centre and provide your post address. Burgtheater subscribers automatically receive the programme by post. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive the programme right after its announcement and will be one of the first to be informed!

The Burgtheater is a classic repertory theatre with a different performance every day and a fixed ensemble complemented by guest actors for individual productions. About 800 performances take place at our four venues between September and June.
It is a massive logistical challenge to ensure that the scenery, lighting, acoustics and video are all in place for each performance on our highly varied programme. For this purpose, it is necessary to coordinate the ensemble and the employees across our four venues, including the dates and performances for over 65 subscription and cycle groups.
With more than 25 new productions per season and a repertoire of more than 40 pieces, we make every effort to have the monthly schedule ready by the end of the previous month.
We generally announce the programme on our website on the 1st day of the previous month and immediately thereafter in our newsletter.
We kindly ask you to be patient in the event of a delayed announcement.

The theatre director holds a press conference in the spring (usually in May) to announce the plans for the next season. From then on the new season booklet will be available at our venues, providing an overview of all upcoming plays and projects. In addition, the information will also be on our website.
Burgtheater subscribers automatically receive the season booklet by post.
Shortly after the press conference, the next season’s subscription packages and cycles can already be booked at our subscription desk.

Depending on the stage design of the individual productions, the first four rows (front stalls) may be closed off and not available for booking. The monthly programme clearly shows whether the seats in these rows can be booked for all productions.
A: Unrestricted booking possible | B: 1st and 2nd rows front stalls closed off | C: 1st to 3rd rows front stalls closed off | D: 1st to 4th rows front stalls closed off
A: Unrestricted booking possible | B: Front stalls closed off | C: Front stalls and 1st row stalls closed off | D:  Front stalls and 1st and 2nd rows stalls closed off


! After the A, B, C, D restrictions: 

In the interest of fairness when there is a large demand, no more than 4 tickets may be purchased per flex subscription for performances marked “!”.
What do “bonus voucher” and “bonus points” mean in the programme?
“Bonus voucher” indicates those performances in the Burgtheater and Akademietheater for which flex subscribers with 10 theatre vouchers can redeem their bonus voucher. The bonus voucher can also be used for repertory performances in the Vestibül and Kasino.
“Bonus points” indicates performances where discounted tickets are available for holders of a BundestheaterCard.

Der Zusatz Gratisscheck kennzeichnet jene Vorstellungen im Burg- und Akademietheater, bei denen Wahlabonnent*innen mit 10 Theaterschecks ihren Gratisscheck einlösen können. Der Gratisscheck gilt außerdem für Repertoire-Vorstellungen im Vestibül & Kasino.
Vorstellungen, die mit dem Zusatz BundestheaterCard gekennzeichnet sind, weisen auf Vergünstigungen für Inhaber der BundestheaterCard hin. Mehr erfahren

We offer introductory lectures to selected performances. If you have a valid ticket to the performance, you can visit the lecture free of charge. The dates can be found in the programme.
An introductory lecture delivers interesting information on the history and political and social background of the piece as well as how it relates to the present day. Visitors also learn about the author and gain insight into specific aspects of the production. Introductory lectures start 45 minutes before curtain time and are held in the 1st interval foyer of the Burgtheater, the upper foyer of the Akademietheater, and directly in the auditorium in the Kasino and Vestibül. Click here for dates.

On selected dates Q&As give the audience the opportunity to talk to the ensemble. The dates are marked on the programme. Anyone with a valid theatre ticket is entitled to stay for the Q&A after the performance at no extra charge.
The Q&As are held in the 2nd interval foyer of the Burgtheater, the upper foyer of the Akademietheater, and directly in the auditorium in the Kasino and Vestibül.

Das Online-Talk-Format WERK IM FOKUS stellt wöchentlich ein Werk aus dem Repertoire des Burgtheaters in den Fokus: Dramaturgie & Ensemble & Produktionsbeteiligte plaudern gemeinsam mit dem Publikum über Werk, Autor und Inszenierung und geben Einblicke in künstlerische Entscheidungen. Jeden Donnerstag um 18.45 Uhr live auf der Videoplattform Zoom.

Der Link dazu wird am jeweiligen Tag direkt an die Newsletter-Abonnenten verschickt. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

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