Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Szenenfoto Faust
© Matthias Horn

Faust, in his pathogenic appetite for the ultimate thrill, his addiction to the uninterrupted movement of time and his negation of all boundaries, is paradigmatic for the hubris of humankind, which is in danger of losing itself in the storm of events it has unleashed. His pact with Mephistopheles is the starting point for his escape into the future. The promise is immortality. Faust thirsts for catastrophes and confuses them with promises of salvation. He travels into the whirl of events to the ends of civilization, where the air tastes of blood and the eye freezes. He will destroy the only being that could save him. And the heavens remain silent.

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Beschreibung Information
premiere in Vienna
Trailer FAUST
© Markus Lubej
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