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Christian Kracht in einer Bearbeitung von Itay Tiran und Jeroen Versteele
© Susanne Hassler-Smith

Author and dandy Christian Kracht sets out on an impulsive taxi ride from Zurich into the heart of Switzerland together with his mother, who is showing the first signs of dementia and is also addicted to vodka and pills. She has with her a plastic bag filled with 600,000 Swiss francs to spend, a craving for the famous trout served at Sihlmatt restaurant and an intense desire to see African zebras and the Alpine edelweiss. This spontaneous road trip is both a search for healing and a hopeless escape – one last chance to find a way of engaging with each other, a way out of familial misery.

Christian Kracht’s EUROTRASH (2021) is an emotional, witty sequel to his bestselling novel FASERLAND (1995). Itay Tiran, director (most recently, Moskitos at Akademietheater) and a member of the Burgtheater ensemble, directs this brilliant piece in which laughter and mortal fear, ageing and eternal youth, empathy and cynicism, and reality and delusion form surprising connections.


Beschreibung Information
Dauer und Pausen 1 Stunde 45 Minuten - keine Pause
Sitzplan B
Abo / Zyklus Abo 24
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