For your safety and health all events will be provisionally cancelled until  13. April

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We are happy to welcome you to the Burgtheater’s venues in the 2020/21 season!
We have worked closely with the authorities to develop a safety concept that will ensure your visit is as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact our Visitor Information Centre:

Phone: +43 (0)1 51444 4140



Official Covid-19 regulations require us to personalise all tickets so that contacts can be traced as quickly as possible in the event of a suspected case of Covid-19. Unfortunately, we cannot issue tickets if you do not provide your contact details.
You are welcome to buy tickets for your companion(s) together with your own in the 2020/21 season. We just need the names and contact details (email address, telephone number or address) for everyone in your group. It is your responsibility to obtain your companions’ consent before sharing their contact details. The data collected in this way will only be passed on if required by the authorities.
In line with official Covid-19 safety provisions, tickets cannot be transferred to another person unless requested in advance and the personalisation is adapted accordingly. 


Please Collect Your Ticket in Advance

We kindly ask you to pick up your ticket(s) at one of our box offices in advance of the performance. Whis way you are helping to prevent large crowds of people and long queues in front of the evening box office.



In order to ensure the recommended safety distance, the seats on either side of yours will not be sold. Please do not switch seats but only sit in the seats indicated on your ticket(s).

The social distancing rules mean that the boxes in the Burgtheater, which seat up to four visitors, can only be booked by persons living in one household or by a group.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our fixed subscribers and cycle subscribers their regular seats: For each performance, we will book other equivalent seats for you in accordance with your subscription. After your new seats have been assigned, the seats on either side will no longer be available to other visitors. You will receive your personalised substitute tickets by mail one week prior to your next performance. Please note that your season ticket is currently not valid!

The following applies to general sales and flex subscription bookings: After you have selected your seats in our auditorium seating plans, the seats on either side of them will be blocked.



We offer numbered tickets for all our venues, including Kasino and Vestibül; there is no free choice of seats. Standing places are currently not available.



When you visit a performance, you do so on your own responsibility. Performances may only be attended by persons who are completely free of the specific symptoms of Covid-19. Visitors presenting any symptoms of Covid-19 will be turned away at the door or asked to leave, despite having a valid admission ticket.



We kindly ask all visitors to present a form of ID at the door. Only persons with tickets bearing their own name will be allowed admission into the venue.

Please note that the checking of tickets at the door may take some time. Admission to the Burgtheater and Akademietheater begins 30 minutes before curtain time. The evening box office opens as usual, one hour before curtain time.

Specific entrances are designated for specific sections of the auditorium in the Akademietheater and Burgtheater. Your entrance is indicated on your ticket. Please only use your allotted entrance to enter our venues. The evening box office also has an allotted entrance.
There are hand sanitisers at all entrances. 

Eingangsplan Akademietheater

Left middle balcony 
Left side balcony 

Left front stalls 
Left stalls 
Right and left wheelchair spaces & companion 

Evening box office 

Right front stalls 
Right stalls 
Right middle balcony 
Right side balcony 


You are required to wear a face mask from when you enter the building until you take your seat, whenever you leave your seat and during interval. We recommend wearing your face mask throughout the performance. Your face mask must fully cover your mouth and nose. Face visors are not permitted. Please avoid using hand fans and such – the venues are optimally ventilated and, as far as possible, kept at a pleasant temperature.



Our snack bars are open befor the performances and during interval. We kindly ask you to use those closest to your own seat. Face masks may only be removed when eating or drinking. 

In our interval foyers, please maintain a distance of at least one metre to other people who do not live in your household or do not belong to your group. 

Should the general situation require it, we may have to temporarily restrict our food and drink offerings.

We have also implemented additional hygiene and safety measures at the cloakrooms and restrooms. Please always maintain a safe distance when queueing.


When leaving your seat (also during interval), we kindly ask you to wait at your seat until called to leave the row. This ensures that a safe distance can be maintained when entering and leaving the auditorium.
Please use the same entrance you came in by.

If you or anyone close to you should present Covid-19 symptoms during the relevant period following the performance, please immediately call the health service at 1450 (within Austria) as well as our visitor service at +43 (0)1 51444 4545. If you are outside Austria, please contact your local health authority.

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