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Liebe Grüße... oder Wohin das Leben fällt

Theo Fransz | aus dem Niederländischen von Andrea Kluitmann

Moritz is ten years old and lives with his father and grandmother in the same flat where his father grew up. Recently, Granny has been acting strangely. She is more forgetful than she used to be and sometimes she even falls over without warning. Every now and again, she leaves the flat on her own, and Moritz and his father have to search for her all over the city. They often find her at the train station, where she sits waiting for someone who never arrives. One day something peculiar happens. Moritz finds a stack of old postcards belonging to his grandmother. And as he reads them, he fails to notice that he is travelling back in time. He is still in the same flat, but in the past, back when his own father was ten years old, and Granny was a young mother. Seeing his own dad as a child is weird, but also interesting. Might they even become friends? And what about Granny? Maybe here in the past Moritz will find an explanation for her recent bizarre behaviour – and learn who she is always waiting for when she goes to the train station.

Dutch author and director Theo Fransz’s delightful play for ages eight and up received the 2020 German Children’s Theatre Award. Full of humour and empathy, it centres on the love between generations as well as the misunderstandings, and explores a child’s view of the grownups, who were once children themselves – and who will perhaps ultimately become children again.

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