Der Leichenverbrenner

Franzobel nach dem Roman von Ladislav Fuks &
04. Nov, Wed
A / Bonuspunkte
Regie Nikolaus Habjan , /
Bühnenbild Jakob Brossmann , /
Kostüme Cedric Mpaka , /
Komposition Klaus von Heydenaber , /
Licht Norbert Piller , /
Dramaturgie Andreas Karlaganis , /
Kostüm-Mitarbeit Lugh Amber Wittig , /
mit Nikolaus Habjan / Manuela Linshalm , / mit Dorothee Hartinger , / mit Sabine Haupt , / mit Alexandra Henkel , / mit Michael Maertens , /
105 minutes no breaks
Michael Maertens, Sabine Haupt, im Hintergrund: Nikolaus Habjan

Karel Kopfrkingl possesses all the virtues of an exemplary husband and father: On Sundays he takes his family to the zoo, the place where he met his wife in front of the leopards’ cage all those years ago. He loves music and his work at the Prague crematorium, where he tends to the dead just as lovingly as he does to his family. During his breaks, he reads the statutory regulation on cremation as well as a book about Tibet and reincarnation. Kopfrkingl is proud to be able to play a small role in maintaining purity and order through the technology of cremation. When Reinke, a friend who is a member of the Sudeten German Party, tells him about the methods used by the National Socialists to protect the Aryan race from its gradual decay, Kopfrkingl’s world is turned upside down. How did the rats bring the plague into the city? Kopfrkingl is increasingly tormented by the question of whether he is doing enough to protect society.

The Austrian dramatist and novelist Franzobel has dramatised the psychological horror novel The Cremator for Nikolaus Habjan’s exquisite monster puppets. Audiences can now finally get to see this production, which was originally set to premiere in March 2020.

04. Nov, Wed
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