Peer Gynt

von Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson und Mikael Torfason nach Henrik Ibsen &
Regie Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson , /
Bühnenbild Wolfgang Menardi , /
Kostüme Andy Besuch , /
Licht Friedrich Rom , /
Videokonzept Voxi Bärenklau , /
Dramaturgie Anika Steinhoff , / Dramaturgie Alexander Kerlin , /
Choreographie Jasmin Avissar , /

Peer Gynt: the eternal storyteller, the adventurer, dreamer, capitalist, the winner and loser, the seeker, drinker, the ambitious, crazy, restless wanderer, the colonialist, explorer, prophet, patriarch, outlaw, the Norwegian, the European, the global citizen. At any rate, Peer Gynt is an ageless character. Through the years, each era has found itself reflected in him. And even in 2020, in a world that has gone mad and lost all sense of measure, the same is true.

The Icelandic duo Arnarsson/Torfason have given Ibsen’s famous 1867 play a makeover. Their particular focus is on the history of Europe – a history that is permeated by expansive power, exploitation and double moral standards on the continent that marks the start and end point of Peer Gynt’s eventful odyssey through the world.

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